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Say "I do" at Asessippi Celebrations

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Asessippi Celebrations stands as a premier wedding venue, offering couples a picturesque setting for their special day.

Overlooking the breathtaking Lake of the Prairies and the majestic Shellmouth Dam, this venue provides a serene and visually stunning backdrop for any wedding ceremony. The natural beauty of the location is further enhanced by the meticulously maintained grounds, which features over 150 perennials lining the ceremony area. These vibrant blooms not only add a burst of life to the surroundings but also serve as a beautiful addition to wedding photos, capturing the essence of the special moments shared by the couple and their loved ones.

The venue's unique positioning allows for a harmonious blend of natural elements and carefully curated landscapes, creating a perfect environment for an unforgettable wedding experience. The expansive views of the lake and dam offer a tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal spot for exchanging vows and celebrating love. Whether it's a sunny summer afternoon or a crisp autumn day, the changing seasons provide a dynamic and ever-beautiful backdrop, ensuring that every wedding held at

Asessippi Celebrations is unique and memorable.

In addition to the stunning natural scenery, Asessippi Celebrations offers a range of amenities and services designed to make the wedding planning process seamless and enjoyable. From customizable wedding packages to staff dedicated to bringing each couple's vision to life, the venue ensures that every detail is meticulously attended to. With its combination of natural beauty, thoughtful landscaping, and comprehensive services, Asessippi Celebrations is truly a dream location for couples looking to create lasting memories on their wedding day.


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Asessippi Celebrations 2025 booking will open August 1, 2024

We will be opening 6 Wedding dates for the 2024 season.

August 24, 30, 31

September 14, 21, 28  

If your interested in these wedding dates please contact 306-471-8730

Our Wedding Packages

Happy bride and groom with distant lake back ground.jpg

The Elopement or Pop-up

The trend of short weddings is gaining momentum as couples seek to create a more intimate and simplified celebration of their love. By opting for a shorter ceremony with cocktails and appetizers, couples can prioritize the most important aspects of their special day, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Whether it's our Elopement or pop-up wedding package a short wedding will be just as meaningful and memorable as a more traditional event.

Starting at $2295 

outside cocktails at a wedding.jpg

10-85 guests

Wedding Venue - 1-3 hours

Wedding Decor - signage, lights, venue flowers, chairs, tables & more. 


Toasting wine

Drone photography 

Wedding cake - size dependent on number of guests 

Wedding officiant

What's Included

outside wedding appetizers.jpg

What's Included

Starting at $5495 

The Twight Package

25-85 guests

Wedding Venue - 2-4 hours for ceremony & appetizers

Wedding Decor - signage, lights, venue flowers, chairs, tables & more. 


Toasting wine

Drone photography 

Wedding cake - size dependent on number of guests 

Wedding officiant

Overnight accommodations for up to 36 at

Barn in the Bush

7 - 110 trailer sites generators welcome

Tenting area

Tiki bar & Firepit area

night wedding with lights outside lake background.jpg
outside evening appetizers.jpg

Celebrate your special day with a modern twist on the traditional wedding at our beautiful private venue. Our stunning location provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding, with a contemporary feel that will make your day unforgettable. Our dedicated team will work with you to create a wedding that reflects your unique style and vision. Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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